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Wedding Registry 2018

Wedding planning is something I haven't had to think about since October 2016. Some brides would say "praise Jesus hallelujah" because it was such a stressful process for them. Others would say "awww, I miss it!" because it was so much fun. I would say I'm in the middle, simply because I did do some DIY but then I also had two wedding planners, one that came with the venue and another that I hired. I chose to also hire my own planner because she is a sweet friend that I knew would keep me calm and take amazing care of all of us. She did just that and I could not be more thankful for having that calming presence during our day!
This post has to do with one of my favorite parts about getting married: REGISTRY. It was my favorite, but one of Josh's most dreaded tasks which I've talked about before on my blog. Bless his heart, he felt so guilty registering whereas I knew it was just part of the process and something people expect you to do. I should sa…

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