My Birthday Wish List

Happy Friday everyone!

Where has the month gone? I feel like April always goes by so quickly and before I know it, my birthday is here! This year I am turning the big 23 on May 2nd. I guess I should start playing Taylor Swift's "22" every day until then because it will only be true for another week. With that said, like any other woman i'm sure, I have a little birthday wish list I started a bit ago. Not because I expect gifts, but because I tend to spoil myself quite a bit this time of year. Also, being the age that I am, my parents find it easier to just say "What do you want?" versus just winging it and I am very okay with that. I though it would be fun to share my top picks with you guys and give you some insight into my personality & taste!

-My mom recently discovered LuLu and I am ready to jump on the bandwagon! Can you blame me?! It's amazing!
-I LOVE TIU and the entire program! I'm ready to get some of their protein in my kitchen so I can start tackling their fabulous & life changing recipes!
3. Back Me Up! Mobile Charger- Petite Party Dots; Shop 
-I need this beauty for camping trips & Disney days!
4. Can I Get An Amen Tee; The Light Blonde
-Do I even have to explain this? How adorable is this?
-I wear Sam Edelman flats to work and am dying for another pair! This glittery choice is gorgeous!
-I simply need to grow my shoe collection and I love the embellishment on these. 
-I love my mint bag I have right now but am in need of something neutral. I've been eyeing this Rebecca Minkoff for quite some time now. 
8. Gardenia Convertible Pendant Necklace; Chloe + Isabel by Riley
-I need the entire Gardenia collection. This necklace duo is a wardrobe must have.

9. Bliss Comforter Set; Bed Bath & Beyond

-Soooo, I have a very white comforter right now and my dogs have pretty much destroyed it. As much as I love them, it saddens me deeply. They don't sleep with me as much, so i'm in need of a new & cozy set. 

10. iPhone 6; Verizon

-Like the rest of the world, I want to join the newest iPhone club! It's been a while.

11. I BLOG Pillow Cover; Shop Dandy Boutique

-Yes, yes, and more yes.

-This is beautiful and I love things that give me daily inspiration hanging in my room.

If you want to see the rest of my wish list, check out my Pinterest!

Thanks for checking in today and I will be back soon!



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