Wedding Registry Must Haves

Happy Monday my loves!

This is a post I have been dying to write for so long. I LOVED registering for our wedding and have been wanting to share with all of you engaged lovebirds some of my favorite items we received. We were so blessed by our friends and family and will forever be grateful that they made our first little place together feel like a true home. We received just about everything on our Macy's registry and so much more! How amazing is that?! We remember coming home from our honeymoon and dropping our jaws at how many gifts were waiting for us at my parent's house. Every day, I am reminded of the generosity of our loved ones as I simply cook dinner, brew a cup of coffee, or make our bed. The gifts we received are used in our everyday life, so it's important that we love them!

As I sit here, continuing my binge watching of Hart of Dixie, I'm already dying to decorate my entire house with that sweet southern charm or move to Bluebell, Alabama. (If that town existed, I would highly consider it, that's for sure.) With that said, you can register for any kind of home decor you want, but there are those essentials that will keep your house functioning. You want to feel at home where you live, whether that means giving your home a country feel, a modern edge, or just that cozy look anyone can fall in love with. 

This list I have put together is organized by store/website and includes a reason for why we love each item. It includes my kitchen go-to's, our favorites for camping, home decor we love, and what FINALLY helped me get some sleep after months of tossing and turning every night. We registered at Target, Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, & Target for our main items. It is however hard to ignore the power of the internet these days. I used to also register for random items I saw online at some of my favorite stores/shops such as Amazon, Magnolia, Etsy, Anthropologie, & Nordstrom. allows you to add items from anywhere online to your registry and was one of my favorite tools when it came to registry. You can also set up a cash fund for your honeymoon or other life areas right on their website. It's great!

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the items we have fallen in love with and find this post helpful!

1. OXO Good Grips Medium Cookie Scoop // My baking sidekick. Every time I make my favorite chocolate chip cookies, this scoop helps them come out super fluffy and keeps clean up easy!
2. Essential Oil Diffuser // So, for the first 4-5 months of marriage, I didn't have a single good night's sleep. I chalked it up to just being in a new home, sharing a bed, and so much change. My sweet bestie Amanda gifted me an oil diffuser (oil found below) as a birthday gift and I have slept like a rock ever since! If you have never lived with your fiancĂ©, I would highly suggest registering for a diffuser now. This is one my sweet friend Chelsea has recommended! She is a flight attendant and is often having to sleep at crazy times of the day. She swears by this adorable diffuser!
3. Stanley Homeowner's Tool Kit // Do your future hubby a favor and register for this! Josh was so excited about this gift when I opened it at my shower. Something just for him because Lord knows, I would never try to fix/hang anything by myself. If you don't have a drill either, that's worth registering for too! I gifted one to Josh for his birthday which was shortly after our wedding.
4. Etekcity Portable Camping Lantern // These little lanterns were PERFECT for our yearly Havasu trip. Easy to pack and the perfect size!
5. Squatty Potty // Okay, some of you may be saying, GROSS RILEY. REALLY? Well, don't judge me just yet because if you're saying that, you probably haven't tried a Squatty Potty. Josh was feeling weird about registering and being specific about what we wanted with our guests (he is such a sweetheart), so to get him excited about registering, I let him go crazy with a scanner in Target and register for "guy stuff." He started telling me about how this Shark Tank hit is an ergonomically better way to, well, poop. I laughed, rolled my eyes, and told him to go ahead and scan it. Everyone thought it was hilarious and I have seen it pop up on registries since! C'mon guys, everyone poops, just as the children's book says!

1. Magnetic Kitchen Timer // Sometimes I have so many things cooking at once that I have my timer & Josh's timer going, but am still in need of a third! This magnetic timer is adorable and would spice up your fridge for sure.
2. Signature Magnolia Wreath // As a HUGE Fixer Upper fan, I was very quick to register for gifts from Magnolia and this wreath was at the top of my list. This addition really completes our living room and makes me feel like Joanna Gaines herself blessed my home. 
3. Magnolia & Garland Cutting Board // I recently learned that overall, wood cutting boards are more sanitary than plastic cutting boards, putting this beauty at the top of my wish list! 
4. Joslin Pillow // I registered for a handful of throw pillows and quickly became obsessed with finding the perfect ones to complete our living room. I love the ones I have now, but if these Magnolia pillows were available when we were registering, you know they would have been on my list.
5. Reclaimed Wood Tray // I LOVE this tray! We ended up getting a smaller coffee table than expected, which is where I imagined this reclaimed wood tray going, but quickly found it a home on our bed. It looks so cute with our throw blankets and a couple of books thrown on it!
6. Clean & Dirty Tea Towel // In all honestly, you will receive more dish towels then you even know what to do with. WHY? Because so many cute dish towels exist! The question is, which ones will you display on your oven? These are my top pick.
7. Magnolia Farms Round Buckets // This was a recent birthday gift from my sweet cousin Whitney and it is the perfect size for our little coffee table! It holds our coasters, an adorable vase, & a candle. 
8. "Cups for Days" Rack // You may end up in a small space as your first home, so if you can display some dishes as decor, why not?! I am dying to own this mug rack someday!
9. Me & My House Sign // My favorite decoration in our home. This sign is such a beautiful daily reminder of who we get up to serve every single day. It is large and sturdy and will be a staple in your home for years to come.

1. Industry Bottle Wine Rack // This was one of Josh's top picks and it's been a total space saver for us! We run out of cupboard space around here constantly, so having somewhere to store our wine bottles has been awesome. Plus, Josh loves grabbing a new wine anytime he makes a Trader Joe's run, so this wine rack is put to good use!
2. Williams Sonoma Goldtouch™ Nonstick Ultimate Cookie 5-Piece Baking Set // My favorite baking sheets ever. I saw these now come with a couple of bonus goodies, including that cookie scoop I was just raving about!
3. Copper Moscow Mule Mugs // Josh's other drink favorite? Moscow mules! He has had so much fun with the moscow mule making process and he truly makes the best I've ever had. They are perfect for a snuggly night in with your new hubby!
4. Vitamix Blender // MARRIAGE MUST HAVE. My sweet mamma uses hers every single day, so she was determined to get us this as a shower gift! We are obsessed. Every couple needs a blender, so you might as well register for the best. 
5. Nonstick Pan Cleaning Brush // This is something I purchased after our wedding and given the fact that we don't have a dish washer, it's a great addition to our kitchen!
6. Simplehuman Trash Can // If you want a nice trash can that will last you, this trash can is for you! It's simple (hence the name), but instantly adds some style to your kitchen. Ours is white with a copper trim, but isn't in stock anymore with Williams Sonoma. This one is absolutely beautiful, so I figured it was a great replacement.
7. Soap Dispensing Dish Brush // Who knew I could love a soap dispensing dish brush so much?! Well, don't judge me too much. Again, no dish washer, so I take these items very seriously!
8. Copper Spoon Rest // This was another post wedding purchase because I was sick of using up paper towel after paper towel to rest my cooking utensils on. It doesn't hurt that it's copper and beautiful!
9. Candlewick Quilt & Sham // I absolutely adore our quilt!!! I have received so many compliments on our bedding and I owe it all to the beautiful detail on this Pottery Barn masterpiece.

1. Mongrammed Garland Ring Dish // I keep this beauty in our bathroom to hold my wedding rings while I shower. It's a great way to display your new last name initial too. ;)
2. Capri Blue Jar Candle // The most magical candle ever created. Register for multiple of these if you are a big candle person because most likely, on your newlywed budget, these will be a tad out of your price range! Haha!
3. Spring Garden Recipe Tin // My sweet MOH Addie purchased this off my registry and gifted it to me at my shower. She mailed out recipe cards with my shower invite and it was quickly filled as guests arrived! I loved reading the yummy recipes everyone passed on to me :)
4. Stillwater Glass Set // These glasses are adorable and an awesome size. We love them!
5. Assorted Latte Bowl Set // The cutest bowls and they even have different colors to match any kitchen. They recently came out with bigger sizes which would be perfect for homemade acai bowls or a giant bowl of cereal. Whatever floats your boat!
6. Anthropologie Apron // The one I have is out of stock, but how can you go wrong with an Anthro apron?! They are all so adorable!!!
7. Recipe Cards // The perfect addition to the recipe tin. Probably the cutest recipe cards I have ever seen.

1. Supreme Grind Coffee Grinder // Josh LOVES this coffee grinder! It makes the perfect pair with our french press. 
2. Keurig Storage Drawer // A total space saver! It's so nice to have our K-Cups right under our Keurig.
3. OXO Foldaway Dish Rack // I bought a cheap dish rack for Josh when he moved into our place before the wedding and quickly was dying for a new one after we got married. I put those gift cards to good use and got this awesome dish rack with more compartments. 
4. Electric Wine Opener // Josh and I have geeked out over this wine opener so many times. Whoever invented these wine openers is genius because who the heck has the time or patience to deal with a dang corkscrew?! 
5. Kate Spade 45pc Set // Who knew I would be able to get away with registering for Kate Spade silverware?! Josh must have not paid too much to the label ;)
6. & 7. Tumbler Glasses // These glasses are so awesome! Great sizes and super easy to clean!

1. Set of 3 OXO Non-skid Bowls // The world's greatest bowls. I use them EVERY DAY and I know you will too!
2. Double Burner Griddle // Our favorite pancake must have. My favorite mornings include Josh offering to make me pancakes on this griddle.
3. Acacia Kitchen Utensils // I sure have put these suckers to work. I use them for any stove top cooking I do!
4. Under-the-Bed Storage Bag // We are two people with more stuff than we even realized until we moved in together. These storage bags are great for anything that is just taking up too much room in your closets.

1. Keurig Brewing System // Everyone needs a coffee maker, right? This was another post wedding purchase with some gift cards (you will get lots of those) and it has been an amazing addition to our kitchen. We haven't had any problems with it at all!
2. OXO 15-Piece Kitchen Utensil Set // You get so much for the price! I can't tell you how many times Josh has asked for random utensils in the kitchen and it is always so great to open up the drawer and know they are in there! It's easy to forget every little utensil you need, so this is a GREAT gift!
3. Simplehuman Bathroom Trash Can // I wanted a cute and simple trash can for the bathroom and this one looks awesome. It's the perfect size and stays out of the way!
4. Hand Held Garment Steamer // I have ALWAYS wanted a hand held steamer. We have used this a ton on trips.
5. Martha Stewart Spatulas // These are great for baking, specifically when I am using my KitchenAid mixer. They have held up great!
6. Hotel Collection Bath Towels // Seriously, the softest towels ever. We registered for these towels and then some back up ones from Target in case we didn't get them, but thank goodness we did. I am in love!
7. Conair Fabric Steamer // Before getting married, I always used a steamer that my dad had bought me and was in my room at my parent's house. While packing, I decided that the steamer should stay there because I wasn't the only one who used it. I was SO excited when we received our very own as a wedding gift. It has also been extremely reliable and even shrinks down to fit into a corner of a room or closet.
1. French Press // One of Josh's favorite wedding gifts we received! I am one to drink coffee on the go, but Josh is so precious and will take the time to do the whole french press process. It sure does make the house smell AMAZING in combination with the coffee bean grinder.
2. KitchenAid Stand Mixer // MY DREAM WIFEY WEDDING GIFT. Josh's sweet grandparents gifted us the KitchenAid mixer (in the color of our choice) and I could not be more grateful. Clearly, Josh let me take the reigns on picking out the color, haha! This was my baking dream to own this beauty. I can't wait until we have enough counter space to display it!
3. Simplehuman Wall-Mount Paper Towel Holder // If you are moving into or live in a space with limited counter space, I highly recommend this paper towel holder. AND it's the easiest process every to change out the roll. Added bonus.

1. Rice Cooker // This was something our married friends RAVED about. Probably because it's the easiest appliance to use ever. Josh and I craved ground turkey and rice in the beginning of our marriage a ton and this beauty was a life saver! AND, the odds are, you will receive it! This was just under $40!
2. Outdoor Grill & Stove // Because we are now an established married couple, we knew we should really invest in the Schimpf Havasu Trip must haves. We loved breaking in this grill we got as a wedding gift on our latest camping trip. We have absolutely no complaints about this awesome grill! It is great!
3. Welcome Mail Station // It's so nice having something to hang our keys on and hold our mail. We have ours hung up right next to the front door to make sure we keep track of the easiest things to misplace ;)
4. Wits & Wagers // GAMES! Register for those awesome games you don't own! People have so much fun gifting you such a cool gift.
5. Light Blocking Curtain // These have worked wonders in our home! We have these specific ones in our living room but also have a different brand in our bedroom. If your property has a lot of security lights, you live on a busy street with lots of cars, or just simply like to sleep in on the weekends, I highly suggest registering from some of these!
6. Woodlawn // MOVIES! Register for those movies that you don't own as a couple yet. Same game rule applies here.

1. doTERRA Serenity // This is the magical oil blend that helps me sleep every night. Since the first couple of nights I tried it, I have been sleeping SO much better. It's worth a shot to invest in it now or register for it so you can have it on hand, just in case you experience the sleep troubles that I did.
2. Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket // This was one of the items on our registry we didn't receive, but one I still dream about! This brand is AMAZING and makes the softest pieces ever. It's worth registering for one, or two, or ten of these blankets.
3. Keep the Change Doormat // Every home needs a fun doormat! Don't hesitate to register for one that matches your style. Some of my favorites come from this awesome Etsy shop, Fox & Clover!

If you have read this entire post, bless your heart! I know it's a lot, but I constantly searched for posts like this and read tons of reviews when I was engaged. I hope it helps to have it all in one place!

Also, if you plan on shopping for someone registered at one of these stores or you just got married and still need to cross some items off your list, I have listed some sales happening below!
Macy's: up to 30% off and FREE SHIPPING on purchased over $49! Enter code: EVENT.
Williams Sonoma: 10% off purchase of $50 or more, 15% off purchase of $100 or more, 20% off purchase of $200 or more, and 25% off purchase of $500 or more. Enter code SAVEMORE.
Pottery Barn: Fast & free shipping with code SHIP4FREE. Summer kickoff event, some items up to 70% off!
Target: Up to 25% off home items. Use code HOME.



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