I just received my ALL TIME favorite package.
It shouldn't be shocking that it's full of snacks & treats, right?

If you haven't heard of Safe + Fair yet, I am excited to introduce this amazing brand to you!
Here is a bit about their story straight from their website:

"Over lunch one day, longtime best friends Dave Leyrer and Pete Najarian found themselves sharing food allergy frustrations. Both dads were stressed out by the lack of safe foods for their kids, Abby and Remy, who both happened to have nut allergies.
Fed up with scrutinizing labels and constantly reminding other parents to do so, Dave and Pete agreed: Safe products were hard to find or too expensive. Plus, pricey "food allergy brands" totally failed to appeal to the nut-allergic kids—much less the non-allergic ones.
Dave and Pete set out to make living with food allergies easier and more delicious for families like theirs. The founders set their sights on creating products both safe for food allergic kids AND so appealing that all kids love them.
To make products SAFE + FAIR means offering clear information and affordable prices—so whoever does the shopping can make easier, faster, more inclusive choices. And that's how The Safe + Fair Food Company was born.
That's our story, and we'd love to hear yours. Reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram with #safeandfair."

Josh & I don't have gluten or nut allergies, but we do try to make healthy choices when it comes to what we keep in our home.
I saw a few other bloggers sharing Safe + Fair's products, so when I saw their birthday cake granola at Costco, I was so excited to try it. We were instantly OBSESSED and had to bring it home!

They recently sent us a package of their products to try and we feel so blessed to have received SO MANY amazing treats. I have linked each item below and will continue to share our thoughts on each product on my insta-stories as we try them!

Pea Protein Chips:

Popcorn Quinoa Chips

*We did not receive this flavor but I wanted to make sure y'all knew they have it!

Nut Free Cake Mixes:


They also have bundles available for just $20 AND with free shipping!
You will receive:
-Blueberry Cinnamon Granola
-Birthday Cake Granola
-Double Chocolate Brownie Mix
-Hickory BBQ Pea Protein Chips
-Sea Salt Pea Protein Chips
-Sweet & Salty Kettle Popcorn Quinoa Chips

I want to know what you decide to try and what you think, so feel free to message me!

Love y'all, 


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