Parents/In-Law's Gift Guide

 How precious are our parents?! 
We are so blessed by such amazing examples of what marriage should look like.
I wanted to share these two pictures from our wedding before you browse my ideas for your OWN parents!


As I watch Hallmark movies and enjoy my Trader Joe's cedar balsam candle, I can't help but start brainstorming about Christmas gifts. 

Last week, I asked on my insta-story who you guys wanted to see gift guides for and I received an overwhelming response for your in-laws and parents!

I was extremely excited to see that this was your top request because these are some of my favorite people to shop for. In this blog post you will see three categories: joint gifts, gifts for him, and gifts for her. I browsed some of my favorite websites and narrowed down the items with great reviews and gifts that are personal favorites. BONUS: the men's gifts were approved by my hubby himself!

If I stumble upon other favorites, I will be happy to add as the season goes on!
I hope this helps you all nail down your gift ideas!
To shop directly, click on the image!

***SALE ALERT: This casserole dish is on sale for $75.20! (originally $94)
This is such a great item if your parents or in-laws love to cook! Le Creuset is a pricier brand to shop, but is a fun splurge when on sale!

***SALE ALERT: These Kate Spade wine glasses are on sale for $35! (originally $50!)
MR. & MRS. items aren't just for the newlyweds! For the wine loving parents, this is such a sweet gift!

***SALE ALERT: Both of these items are 20% off. This is such a treat as many of you may know that these candles are very rarely on sale. These make great gifts for anyone! SALE ENDS TONIGHT! Plus, FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100!

***SALE ALERT: This blanket is 15% off TODAY ONLY! 
Sherpa blankets are our latest obsession! Trust me, your parents will LOVE anything including sherpa. SO COZY!

***SALE ALERT: This candle is 15% off TODAY ONLY! 

I gifted my parents an Apple TV for Christmas a couple of years ago. My biggest motivation? So they could enjoy some well deserved binging! My mom is a huge Gilmore Girls fan and I wanted her to be able to find each episode whenever she wanted.
The newest Apple TV 4K has 4 1/2 stars on Target's website and it seems like people have loved upgrading from their original Apple TV. We love our Apple TV but have been dying to upgrade now that we have a 4K TV as well!
If your parents have a 4K TV and you have multiple siblings to go in on this gift with or you're willing to treat your parents by yourself, I would definitely say it's worth the splurge. 
***SALE ALERT: These coasters are on sale for just $28! (originally $42)
I added these because of their amazing reviews. Those that purchased them as gifts say that they are high quality and the recipients loved them!

If your parents love coffee, a french press is such a fun gift! Josh absolutely loves the one we registered for before we got married and uses it any chance he gets. I love this copper-hued style from Nordstrom.

***SALE ALERT: This candle is on sale for $37.50! (originally $50)
I love the rustic chic look of this candle and the scents sound like they would smell amazing!

Who doesn't love a chocolate filled gift? This mix from Dylan's Candy Shop has a blend of dark chocolate-covered cashews, dark chocolate-covered raisins, dark chocolate-covered espresso beans, dark chocolate-covered OMG Bites, dark chocolate-covered nonpareils and more.

***SALE ALERT: This Sugarfina box is on sale for $48.75! (originally $65)
This yummy mix of Gingerbread Cookies, Party Penguins, Reindeer Noses, Pumpkin Pie Caramels, Jamaican Rum Snowballs, Chocolate Berry Baskets, Gingerbread Men and Sugar Cookies would make for a unique and yummy gift. 
To shop other Sugarfina gifts, be sure to click on the brand's name!

***SALE ALERT: Both of these winter themed blankets are 40% off online!


***SALE ALERT: This North Face jacket is being price matched for $60-$65! (originally $80-$90)
This is a versatile and cozy item that any guy would love! Even better? You have 5 colors to choose from!

This Clinique set is just under $20! (originally $36)
With amazing reviews, I couldn't help but add this great travel set!

***SALE ALERT: These Nikes are just $56! (originally $100)
SUCH AN AMAZING MARKDOWN! If your dad is constantly on the go, these running shoes are the perfect gift! 

***SALE ALERT: This neck massager is 15% off TODAY ONLY! 
I would think any person would be excited to receive a neck massager. I instantly showed this to Josh after seeing this while putting together my blog post! If your dad/father-in-law struggles from neck pain or has a hard time decompressing after long days at work, this is the perfect gift.

Josh has this MVMT watch and absolutely loves it. He bought it to wear on our wedding day knowing that ice blue was our accent color! To browse other styles, you can click on the name MVMT!

***SALE ALERT: This monogram mug is $35! (originally $46)

***SALE ALERT: This moscow mule mug is on sale for $9.60! (Originally $18!)
If your dad loves this trendy drink, this mug makes a fun gift. To complete this gift, maybe throw in another mug and all of the fixings for a moscow mule!

We LOVE our Hydro Flasks around here. Does your dad love staying hydrated? This is a practical gift that he can use every single day and comes in other colors.

For the dads that love slow mornings and adore staying cozy on the weekends, you can't go wrong with a pair of slippers! With amazing reviews online, I had to include these in the post!

Want a cheaper option when it comes to slippers?!

Above, these Vancouver slippers are on sale for $32! (originally $50!)
Below, these Deer Stags slippers are on sale for $17.52! (originally $40!)

This dollar shave club subscription was Josh's idea after we saw some shaving kits pop up on other websites. They’ll get a Gift Set and then a monthly box of fresh razors for up to 12 months. 
3 months = $55
6 months = $85
12 months = $140

Another fun electronic idea! This Bose speaker is a fun gift for the parents that love to host or just enjoy their time relaxing at home. Josh has a portable speaker that he loves carrying around the house while he gets ready for the day. He can listen to his favorite talk radio show while showering, doing his hair, and picking out his outfit for the day. 
BONUS: Its seamless, durable aluminum body makes it water-resistant for easier outdoor use, and the 12-hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery means you can go half the day without plugging it in. 


***SALE ALERT: This Kate Spade necklace is on sale for $41! (originally $58!)
 For a personalized gift option, I am loving this beautiful 12K gold plated necklace!

***SALE ALERT: Who doesn't love Kendra Scott?! 
These two are just $40! (originally $50)
The option on the left comes in 8 colors!
The option on the right allows you to choose your mom's birthstone!

***SALE ALERT: These glasses are on sale for $122-$143! (originally $153-$178!)
Who doesn't love Ray Bans on sale?! These classic sunglasses are a great option for your mamma!

***SALE ALERT: This bag is on sale for $278.60! (originally $398)
Does your mom love a classic handbag? My mom is a huge fan of Kate Spade, so if your mom is too, I wanted to add in this amazing deal!

***SALE ALERT: This mat is on sale for $97.50-$112.50! (originally $130.00-$150.00)
Is your mom a lover of yoga like mine?! If she is in need of a new mat, this is a steal!

***SALE ALERT: These pajamas are on sale for $47! (originally $78!)
Who doesn't love cozy pajamas?! Help your mom stay comfortable in style this year!

***SALE ALERT: This designer bag is on sale for $321! (originally $458)
Is your mom a total girly girl?! This beautiful Tory Burch bag is a splurge, but she is sure to love such a delicately beautiful item!
***SALE ALERT: This bag is on sale for $279! (originally $398!)
For a more classic Tory Burch style, this is an amazing option with a GREAT price tag!

***SALE ALERT: This adorable mug and cozy sherpa mug makes an extremely cozy combo!
You can snag these two at 20% off, but move quickly! This sale ends TONIGHT! Plus, FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100!

***SALE ALERT: This beach wave spray is 15% off TODAY ONLY! 
I personally own this beach wave spray and gifted it to my mom on her birthday! 
I have used Kristin's products since they were released and have zero complaints. This is an amazing product that keeps my waves intact for up to three days. 

***SALE ALERT: This 12 month planner is on sale for $28! (originally $40)
If your mom is known for being organized (or strives to be) this is a great budget-friendly gift that just keeps on giving!

This tumbler is on sale for $12.60! (originally $18!)
My mom is someone that is extremely disciplined about her diet and loves making her green smoothies every morning. I have gifted her similar styles before and she constantly uses them! If your mom loves tea, iced coffee, or smoothies, I can guarantee that she will love having this in her cupboard. 

If you want to add on one more cozy item to the robe & mug combo I shared before, try adding these amazing Ugg slippers!




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