It's a Hearth & Hand Christmas

I've been looking forward to this collection ALL YEAR.
I am so incredibly happy that Chip & Joanna Gaines decided to team up with Target to create such beautiful pieces. I love that the pieces they design are unique, classic, and timeless.
They have created holiday items that can be passed down for generations to come such as classic kids toys, dishes, & holiday ornaments. 
For those of you that don't know, I am a HUGE Magnolia & Fixer Upper fan.
Josh and I have been to Magnolia here in Texas a few times now and every time I get so excited you would think I'm going to Disneyland.

I decided to create a blog post with some of my top picks & favorite pieces from this seasons Hearth & Hand Christmas collection so you can see what I would suggest filling your home with this season. I would love to hear all about your favorites, so feel free to leave comments or DM me! 

*Click on photos to shop!

I will share a video of this mug on my insta-stories so y'all can see how beautiful it is. 
I will definitely need to add this beauty to my mug collection. Shhhhhhh, don't tell Josh.

*This apron is also available in a kids size so you can match your mini!

I love this set because the antler towel can easily be paired with your other favorite dish towels throughout the year!

These mugs are such fun gifts for newlyweds getting married around the holidays!

These vintage looking pieces are some of my favorites from the entire collection. 
I had such nostalgia remembering similar silverware my grandmother had when I was younger. I'll have to see if she still has them next time I'm over! 

This is technically a log holder, but I think it could also be used as a blanket basket next to your couch.

This adorable framed art is another piece that can be styled year round. If you have a gallery wall somewhere in your home, this would be a great addition.

This is perfect for me because I can never pick one photo to frame! This would also be fun for your guests to have a few photos to flip through when they visit your home. 

I just turned to Josh and said that we need to add these to our apartment for family and friends when they come to visit. My in-laws have these (not this exact piece but same concept) and I think they are so dang adorable!

This type of piece is what gets me dreaming about having a big family.
Josh & I both love the concept of a dinner bell! I would love to have a ranch style home someday and can already imagine the kiddos running into the kitchen from all different directions...

I am pretty positive I will be adding these pillows to my holiday collection.
I've been having a slight panic attack since last night because I asked Josh to bring up my Christmas bin and I have a ton of pieces missing, specifically my holiday pillows that I love. 
I am currently begging Josh to pull out our other bins so we can find them!

If you're in need of new stockings, definitely check out this collection!

I am loving the simplicity of these stocking holders.

Currently dreaming about having a girl that I can get this dollhouse for...

Ummm, how adorable are these kitchen toys?
Can my actual kitchen look like this?

A tradition that I am so ready for.
Letters to Santa is such an adorable idea, but I can't get over that they took it one step further and created these official looking letters. If you end up doing this with your kiddos, definitely keep the letters for your kids to read years from now!

These little houses are definitely being added to our Christmas tree!

I am so excited to snag this simple and classic tree topper.

And my obsession with getting a dog continues...
We are desperately in need of a furry companion in our home!

I hope y'all have as much fun shopping as I did!
Get used to seeing Christmas goodies on this blog because THIS GIRL LOVES CHRISTMAS!



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