Gift Guide For Your Parents & In-Laws


I hope y'all are soaking up some quality family time or celebrating this holiday with your closest friends that might as well be family. We are in Palm Springs at my grandparent's house where we come every year. It's one of our favorite family traditions because it's so laid back and my grandma sure knows how to cook a classic Thanksgiving meal. Josh is currently out golfing with my dad & great uncle while the rest of us catch up on life and watch some football. 

I promised you some gift guides so I finished up my top requested topic this morning: GIFTS FOR YOUR PARENTS & IN-LAWS!

Before you browse, I suggest you take a minute to think of a theme and decide if you want to do a joint gift or shop fo them individually. Focus on the things that they would never take the time to buy themselves such as electronics, pampering goodies, or fun kitchen products.

If you're doing individual, my go-to is always a cozy theme such as slippers, pajamas, scarves, etc. 
A great go-to is a nice throw blanket and an Anthropologie candle if you're looking to do a cozy joint gift. I have listed a ton of options for both categories below!

I also listed electronic must-haves like an Apple TV and the Ring Doorbell. 
My parents didn't have cable for a little while and the Apple TV I got them a few years back came in handy. They love it now!
I also know a ton of people that are loving their Ring Doorbells and Target has it at 30% off.

I can't wait to see what y'all think and hope you find some amazing deals! :)


*33% off!

*20% off!



*60% off!

*30% off!


Joint Gifts:

*20% off!

20% off!

25% off!

*Fill this frame with pictures of your family for your in-laws! This would be such a personal and precious gift.

31% off!

I hope this helps with your Christmas list my loves!



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