Target Tuesday's With Riley Part 16

Happy #TargetTuesdaysWithRiley!!!!

How has your week been?!
Josh & I have both been struggling with allergies this week. It's usually just me, so when he started struggling before me, it was super surprising. Josh is finally over his congestion, itchy eyes, & coughing...but now it's my turn. It's been the worst! At first I just had a major asthmatic style cough (I struggled with asthma as a kid and it still acts up sometimes) and thought that would be the worst of it.  
NOPE. Just my luck, I'm now congested and itchy as can be. You can find me doing all of the natural remedies all day. Fingers crossed that it passes ASAP! 

Anyways, on to why you're really here. 
This was a fun post for me because I learned a little more about y'all last week when I asked some questions in my insta-stories and was able to keep those responses in mind while putting together this week's post. I hope you love it and can't wait to hear which pieces are your favorite! 

*This sweatshirt is junior's sizing, so I did size up & I am wearing a size 10 in the jeans.

My polling from last week showed that so many of you are DOG OWNERS! 
I am a major dog person (my parents have three) and Josh & I are hoping to get our first puppy in just a couple months. So I'm excited to share more doggie goodies in these posts! I hope y'all are here for it too ;)

But anyways, how adorable is this sweatshirt?!
Also, these jeans are pictured in every photo this time. They are pull-on jeggings and I honestly am still deciding how I feel about them. I love that the front never folds over which I've experienced with other jeggings! The only downside is that they are a little tough to get on and off. Other than that, I think they are worth a shot if you're a huge jeggings fan. They are also thicker than the other pairs I own!

*Wearing a size medium

I've shared this top before in burgundy, but didn't try it on! 
The lace detailing on the back is absolutely darling and makes it stand out from those other brands that have this style of top.

*Wearing a size medium

This sweater may look familiar because it's literally the third time I've posted it, HAHA!
I finally tried it on and it took everything in me to not bring it home. You already know I'm going to have to go back for it... 
You will LOVE the darling tie back detail on the back too!

*Wearing a size large in the printed & a size medium in the solid.
The biggest differences were the bagginess & the v-neck.

So I actually have this top in a black plaid print and have received a ton of compliments on it!
I don't normally love shorter tops, but since I've been rocking high-waisted jeans lately, it works out and is super flattering.

*Wearing a size medium in the cardigan & size large in the tee

I received a DM from a follower asking where I'm from originally because my y'all sounded so natural in my insta-stories. It was the nicest compliment I've received in a very long time! LOL.
My parents would always laugh when I was a kid because I would naturally talk with a bit of a twang. 
They would constantly say "where are you from?!" Obviously, I fell in love with this adorable graphic tee as soon as I saw it.

I usually don't gravitate towards the Wild Fable brand because it's a little too edgy for me and definitely caters to teens, but this cardigan caught my eye immediately. It is extremely comfortable and is a fun pop of color to add to your cardigan collection for the spring season!
Here are three different ways you can style this cozy cutie!

Have you checked out your local Target's Valentine's Day goodies in the dollar section?!
I am loving these fun finds that are perfect for a Galentine's Day get-together with your girlfriends.


I had to share these adorable pants because I actually sent them to my bestie's little guy Jax for his birthday and she loved them! The coloring on them is super fun and they can be paired with your favorite tees.

I love solid and simple baby clothes, so I'm always looking for great neutrals. This hooded romper is darling!

One of my favorite brands at Target EVERRRR is now designing toddler girl's clothes. 
I'm still freaking out and love every single piece. The next three pieces are all from this brand!

If you're a huge fan of classic home decor, these doormats are perfect for you. 
These are great for spring and aren't too over the top.

So, now that our Christmas decor is down, I have a MAJOR decorating bug.
I would love to start incorporating more black & white pieces into our home, so I was a huge fan of this pillow. I would love a couple of these for our couch!

*Available in multiple sizes

These adorable eucalyptus wreaths come in multiple sizes and can be used in many different places in your home!

Are you obsessed with Tidying up with Marie Kondo?
I haven't watched it yet, but I am planning on starting it today! 
I already gave Josh a heads up that we are purging our apartment BIG TIME this weekend. 
Obviously he's super excited, just as any guy would be....

This is an adorable storage bin to use in your home that also makes a great accent piece. It's also available in a taller version!

Are you decorating your home in a modern farmhouse vibe?
I am obsessed with this new wall sconce by Threshold that would make a great addition to your home!

I am dying to add new cookware and bakeware to our kitchen. After a couple years, some of our pieces just haven't held up great. I am loving the beautiful details on this loaf pan and their other pieces in this collection.

*Currently 10% off with code HOME and also available in ivory.

It's Josh's dream to have one of these weighted blankets.
We have NINE layers on our bed. Some of them are pretty thin, but still, NINE. 
It's my goal to get us down to a thicker comforter and just a couple other throw blankets, but we will see....

How gorgeous are the colors?!
If you're looking to spruce up your home for spring, this would make a gorgeous addition to your favorite rooms.

I always love finding these kind of signs!
These are beautiful foundations for building a loving home.

I currently travel with one hard suitcase and a duffle, so I told Josh that I would love to add another hard suitcase to my travel routine soon. This suitcase is just one piece from an adorable collection Target is now selling. Since we've been traveling a ton more, I will definitely keep an eye out for great travel pieces moving forward!

Alright y'all, our hunt for dog pieces has begun.
I am obsessed with buffalo plaid, so this might just be the dog bed we went up getting eventually.
We would be getting a puppy, so of course she would grow into it. 

I am loving these chic dog bowls too! Who knew I would ever use the word chic to describe dog bowls?!
At the beginning we would need bowls that can sit on the floor, but eventually these would be perfect!

Happy shopping my loves!



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