Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you all have some fun plans to keep you busy today! I just wanted to let you all know that I plan on posting more regularly soon. I've been spending a lot of time narrowing down some topics I really want to touch on to make sure I don't bore you too much! ;) Here are some topic sneak peeks to hopefully get you guys excited! 

Coming soon: 
-Engagement gift basket must haves!
-St Patricks day fashion!
-What it means to rely on someone else's faith vs. your own and how I've grown in my faith. 
-My spring fashion wish list

For today, I have my #OOTD and a little to say about being a woman:

I woke up this morning after having yet ANOTHER stress dream. Yesterday I dreamt that I missed my phone interview (I'll share more about that soon) and was about 4 hours late to work. To say I woke up in a panic is an understatement. Well today, I woke up knowing it was International Women's Day and I started feeling like a bit of a tough girl. As a young woman that is just starting to come into her own as far as my faith, my relationship, my jobs, and life in general go, I've never been more convinced that I can do anything I set my mind to. Two days before I met Josh, I got Proverbs 31:25 tattooed on my side (in pink of course). It goes a little something like this: "She is clothed in strength and dignity & laughs without fear of the future." Seeing that verse everyday and knowing what it stands for pushes me to do my best in every aspect of my life and to make God, my family, Josh, and my friends proud to know me and love me. 

So it's only fitting that I dressed a little rocker chic today, right? Okay, let's just say yes to make me feel better. 

-TOP (we have it in black right now!)

I hope you women out there know your ability to kick life's little booty and that as women, we should always encourage, not discourage! With all of this said, I hope you have an amazing weekend and meet me back here Monday for a new post! :)



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