St. Patrick's Day Fashion

Happy Monday everyone! And when I say that, I actually mean it because today, i'm off to another Disneyland trip! Yes, ANOTHER. The struggle is real. ;) 

 Before I leave though, I want to leave you with some of my favorite St. Patrick's Day fashions that I've found the past couple of weeks. Whether you celebrate the holiday by going to your favorite Irish pub, eating corned beef at home with your friends and family, or just simply pinching people not wearing green, I think I've found some pieces to help you throughout the day. Even if you don't do anything special to celebrate, these styles are way too cute to pass up! 

Because I start my day with coffee, I felt it was necessary to start with these mugs and this adorable thermal! Kate Spade & Ashley Brooke Designs are must haves when it comes to your drink wear. It'll make getting up early that much easier, trust me. 

What would a fashion post from me be without Chloe + Isabel?! Luckily, we have a ton of green pieces given that emerald was such a hit with out fall collection! I personally have 3 of the pieces above and have gifted the necklace on the right. They are all stunning in person! And yes, those are fox earrings in the top right corner! Who is obsessed with the song like so many other people I know?

Now, for some of my favorite accessories! For anyone that lives in Lakeside and knows Delanie Gourley, GET THIS SHIRT! Delanie is one of the sweetest girls I know and one of my brother's best friends. She is an alumni of my high school and is currently the pitcher for the University of Florida. Click on her name and learn more about her! The rest of these accessories are must haves and happen to be some of my favorite brands!

If you all knew how many scarves I have, you might think i'm crazy. It's rather difficult for me to not go out and buy these ASAP!

The easy way to show your green is in an adorable top! These 4 are just a few of the many out there! Lots of different styles for your different schedules!

I hope this post is helpful in helping you avoid pinching! One quick tip: DON'T LET PEOPLE TELL YOU MINT ISN'T GREEN! It is! :)

My favorite St. Patrick's Day look! 



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