The Weekend of Celebrations + Maxi Dresses

First & foremost, Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!
It's so funny that on this day I still wake up feeling like I need to wear as much green as possible so the kid's at school don't pinch me! Well, joke is on me because i'm almost 22 years old and i'm a college student with big girl jobs. I woke up wearing a mint green top feeling like I should get extra points. (Points in what I have no idea.) I also felt sorry for the kids I saw at the elementary school down the street not wearing green. Those poor kids are going to get pinched all day long! Anyways, I hope you all had time to check out my post from last week on St. Patrick's Day must haves and you were well prepared for the day! :)

On to what my weekend was like! It was a week of celebrations and the weekend just topped it off!

Celebration #1: 
I GOT PROMOTED!!! Yes, I am one of Chloe + Isabel's newest Merchandiser Managers! I am completing training for the next couple of weeks and the recruiting has begun! I will be given a team of amazing women and my job is to encourage them and guide them down the road to success. I couldn't be more thrilled and more honored to take on this job. If you know of anyone that would be interested or if YOU are interested in becoming a part of my team/the Chloe + Isabel family, feel free to shoot me an e-mail :)

Celebration #2:
I was able to celebrate my beautiful friend Samantha becoming a mother at her baby shower! I became friends with Samantha at the end of 2013 due to her being the best friend of our mutual friend Anna. She and her husband Jake quickly became two of my favorite people and Josh and I are always wanting to have date nights with Samantha & Jake and Anna & her husband Luke! As a girl, i'm loving being in Anna and Samantha's life especially now because BOTH of them are pregnant! How awesome is that?! They are two women that I respect more than they probably know and their journey down the road of pregnancy is inspiring. Samantha actually blogs about her IVF pregnancy and it's always an exciting part of my day when she posts! Be sure to start from the beginning and get your tissues ready. This woman is amazing. 


My 1 year anniversary with Josh! It's so crazy to know that it's already/only been a year since I've met someone that is such a big part of my life. Our first date was March 16, 2013 and consisted of forcing him to fall in love with country music, sandwiches in Coronado, and a very long talk on the beach. Yesterday we spoiled ourselves with a spa day at the Rancho Bernardo Inn which consisted of massages and full relaxation mode by the pool for a few hours. Our day was heaven on earth and was just a day to reflect on how truly blessed we are to have each other and live in such a beautiful city. We ended the day with dinner at Miguel's Cocina in Coronado and reminisced on the day that we decided to be stuck with each other while stuffing our faces with the best food ever. All in all, it was the perfect day with the perfect man.
(This would be the end of the day. My allergies had kicked in and we were in a slight food coma. We may have been home by 9.)

My fashion part of my post today consists of a spring & summer staple and something my weekend consisted of: MAXI DRESSES!!!!
Here are a few I've found online and have fallen in love with! 

1 (Samantha's gorgeous dress from her baby shower!)/2/3



I hope you all have a safe and fun St. Patrick's Day! Thank you for reading and celebrating this exciting time in my life with me!



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