Nordstrom Anniversary Sale- Kids

If you aren't sick of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale just yet and your kiddos are in need of some new clothes, I have a fun post for you! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get this post up, but I ended up falling in love with more pieces than I thought I would and it took a bit longer to organize. #TYPICAL.

Just like I shared in my insta-stories, I love shopping for my nieces, nephews, and friends kids, so it was so much fun for me to browse this section of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Josh always jokes that if we have a girl, he'll have to get another job because I would go crazy with all of the ADORABLE goodies they make for girls. I mean, let's be honest, regardless if our next baby is a boy or girl, I may go a littttttle crazy. (Sorry babe!)

Since some of the big girls and boys clothes also come in toddler sizes, I decided to just post all of the girls pieces together and same for the boys. Since I obviously haven't been able to try these products myself, I picked them simply because I would purchase them myself for the minis in my life and/or they had amazing reviews! 


*This baby monitor has great reviews!

*I am loving these sets that petit pehr put together. They are another amazing gift idea! This set includes a plush blanket, crib sheet, swaddle, and adorable storage bin.

*If you love these blankets, then the deal on the right is perfect for you. Only $44 for two muslin blankets & a carseat cover. 
*If you don't need/love the carseat cover, these blankets are on sale for $33.

*This honest baby arrival kit is such a great gift for an expecting couple!

*This beautiful scarf doubles as a nursing cover and is on sale for $20.

*This adorable headband is available in 33 colors. They have amazing reviews and are on sale for just $8!

*This stroked top is giving me all the Saved By The Bell vibes and I LOVE IT!

*This fortune top gives me major childhood flashbacks. Do kids still do these?!

*I am such a sucker for a denim jacket! How adorable is this ruffle detail?

*Loving this twist knot headband for just $9. Also available in mauve!

*I am loving this adorable gift set for a sweet baby girl. These sets by Baby Aspen include a bodysuit, bib, blanket, mittens, tote, socks, a toy, a cute bin, and a mug for the expecting mamma for just $67.

*You can get all three of these headbands for $22.


*BABY PLAID Y'ALL?!?!? This is where I will be in trouble if our next baby is a boy...

*This tie dye top with the brown toffee Tucker + Tate pants is such a fun outfit for fall! 

*Love that Tucker & Tate made a basic t-shirt. These tees are $10 and are available in 5 colors.

*I instantly thought of so many of our guy friends who would want these for their little guys. I was so excited to include them! 

*This basic long sleeve is a great wardrobe essential to add to your little guy's closet. Only $10 and available in 5 colors. 

*If we have a boy, this camping tee is a MUST for our Havasu trips!

*If my brother doesn't own this Nike zip up in his size, I will be shocked. LOVING this color block look.

*Two more amazing gift sets for couples expecting little guys!
These sets by Baby Aspen include a bodysuit, bib, blanket, mittens, tote, socks, a toy, a cute bin, and a mug for the expecting mamma. Such an amazing deal for $67.

*I'm actually loving this moto pants & Nike pullover combination. 

*These shoes are also available in black/white/pink for girls!

*I saved this sweat outfit for last because it can easily be for a boy or girl! 

I would love to know what your favorite pieces are, so feel free to comment on this post or the social media page you saw this post on! Next up will be my favorite children's shops that I follow on Instagram. 

Happy shopping!


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